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Influence Yourself: Become Your Own Best Motivator

With the advent of social media came a new communication reckoning. A smoother path to share ideas, opinions, experiences, and observations. We wrote we read, we liked, we shared, we commented.

We opened ourselves up to influence in ways we never imagined. Yet one area still seems largely resistant to change; remains petrified and impenetrable.

We still don’t realize that changing the way we look at ourselves is essential.

We crowdsource that opinion from every point in the social media universe.

And we don’t acknowledge that we are the experts.

Ultimately, we still fail to influence ourselves (about ourselves).

It’s not an old mistake; but one that is entirely reinforced by the spirit of the times.

Over time, we have become so accustomed (possibly devoted) to being noticed by others, recognized by others, and made relevant by others – that we fail to understand our perspective of ourselves. change. This limits our potential in so many aspects of our lives.

Everything seems to land on our doorstep; all bits of knowledge and advice. Yet we don’t seem to deviate from it. even if we are the experts on our subject.

I have often thought that therapy is one of the few methods to address this fact. There is something essential about someone skilled at navigating our moments and misconceptions alongside us.

But even with that practice, we’re often left standing at the proverbial bus stop waiting for a change of heart that never fully manifests.

We struggle (famously) to implement what has been brought to our attention.

It seems that changing our self-perception is almost a microscopically slow process of growth and evolution. It behaves similarly to concepts like trust or falling in love. You change slowly until one day the entire universe of consciousness suddenly washes over you.

But until then, that shift is silent, but all the while divided and growing.

The way we encounter that shift is something of a mystery. We are often stuck in an outdated assessment of ourselves long after that summary is invalid. Still, I can’t think of a better focus investment.

What holds us back is a lack of commitment. A lack of vision. Maybe even a lack of hope.

So. I dare you.

Influence yourself.

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