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Nervous System and Goal Setting: Why Your Body Can Be Your Biggest Ally (or Enemy)

You are all ready to start the new year with a new set of goals.

Maybe you think this year will be different.

It will be the year in which you succeed in breaking new ground, intensifying or scaling up your business.

You are more determined than ever to achieve your goals.

Well, to increase your chances of success, understanding your nervous system will help.

If you haven’t made much progress in recent years, this could be the one thing you’re missing that explains your lack of success.

It’s not just about your mentality.

Or about changing your beliefs.

Rather, it’s about how your nervous system works.

How your nervous system keeps you from setting and achieving goals

The role of your nervous system is to protect you from harm. It is a survival mechanism. Your nervous system works to keep you safe.

Yet setting goals often means raising the bar, scaling your business or expanding your operations; such that you are challenged to achieve a higher goal than the previous year’s goal.

However, if your goal is too taxing, your queasy nervous system may be holding you back.

Either you don’t get started, you give up, or you don’t meet what you realistically set in the first place.

Your nervous system works with your mind and bases the information it already has embodied from the past And now influence your behavioral patterns.

What this means is this: If you’ve internalized that it’s not safe to take “risky” steps or venture into unknown things that test you, it can be difficult to get past your nervous system.

As soon as you try to step out of your comfort zone, your body sends out signals that it is becoming unsafe for you.

You may experience an unpleasant feeling in the stomach, tension headaches or itchy skin. Are you getting any physical signs? – sometimes subtle? – that prevent you from stretching even further. With the innate tendency to avoid discomfort and pain, your ability to take actions is affected.

Your nervous system is also connected to sabotaging patterns such as…

  • Overwhelm
  • Delay
  • Perfectionism
  • Give up prematurely.

While you are eager to achieve your goals, your nervous system warns you to stay safe. In short, your body and mind must be aligned before you can start working on your goals. If there is no alignment, you are more likely to have difficulty working toward your goals.

Your nervous system is not concerned with achieving goals

Recognize this…

Although your nervous system serves a protective purpose, it is NOT helpful because it can limit your potential.

It puts a limit on your ability to grow beyond just surviving.

So my recommendation is…

It doesn’t mean you stop setting goals, you still do. Setting goals gives you a direction on what to work on to get to the next level.

On the contrary, the best way forward is to calm your nervous system as you work toward your goals at each stage. This way you can reach the next level with much more ease (instead of struggling).

Achieving goals involves a journey where you are likely to encounter roadblocks. There is a good chance that you will encounter internal blockages. It is difficult to move forward with a strategy plan if you are working in your own way.

Knowing this fact key….

Achieving breakthrough goals isn’t just about changing mindsets, it’s also about calming your nervous system as you step out of your comfort zone.

The better way forward by setting goals and taking your business to the next level

In short: work together to increase your chances of success insight into the nervous system, subconscious beliefs, the release of energy from the past and somatic consciousness.

Admittedly, it can seem like a lot to digest and process as you work toward your goals.

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