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Not All Your Thoughts Are Yours – How Invisible Forces Use Human Bodies

In this Article we will learn about the Not All Your Thoughts Are Yours – How Invisible Forces Use Human Bodies.

Earth is a chaotic place. It’s a marketplace. It is a place where many different Beings take form for many different reasons and purposes. The benevolent and the malevolent are intermingled, and there is a race for what we as humanity do not know or cannot remember.

This creates a noise in the atmosphere… a buzz in our bodies… a fear of a cause we don’t know.

Some people are naturally powerful and have come to this earth with a lot of power, and that power can manifest itself through their thoughts or speech.

The age doesn’t matter. And then some are susceptible to these thoughts and words and can be influenced and thrown off course by words, and many of these impact the citizens of the earth daily.

Folks, let me tell you. There are forces that every person comes into contact with every day.

And these forces can take the form of a human form, jumping in and out of man every day whenever they please, man, being nothing more than an instrument through which the forces of nature can find their expression.

But keep in mind that so are these forces invisible in the atmosphere yourself.

I remember a friend of mine telling me many years ago that he was eight years old and in school, and he remembers perfectly the day when what he described as a “fallen angel” descended into his body, and from that day on he became attracted to his sex.

He said he remembered the day like it was yesterday.

Often terrible stories are reported in the news and we wonder how this is possible.

There was an incident some time ago in America where a man on a bus killed two men because of an argument where the two men who lost their lives were defending a woman who was terrorizing the killer.

While defending the woman, the killer turned around and single-handedly killed two adult, strong men.

Was he that strong? Was he that tough? Was he that sinister?

In our material world, it seems that way. However, from a spiritual point of view, it was a force that entered the bus looking for who was vulnerable enough, who had a vice or negative thoughts that could enter it (the force) and use that person to nourish themselves.

In other words, our tears, screams, blood, etc. feed these forces love food. Some people would call these forces “demons,” but I don’t want to use that word because of its translation in most people’s minds.

I say this because not all evil forces fall into the same category. Some people are sent to Earth test people, to test how strong they are in resisting certain negative impulses, thoughts, and feelings that people mistakenly believe belong to them.

These forces are not “demons” even if they seem that way, but their true purpose is to give strength to the weak Through the act of malice.

A gun can do very harmful things… but not on its own.

Powers are everywhere and reach even the most learned, the most professional, and the most celebrated individuals in our world.

And so when someone goes to see a doctor, perhaps for a physical examination, first of all, if they are being mentally attacked without their knowledge, this can be a perfect opportunity for the force to enter or overshadow the doctor when he announces the prognosis.

In other words, whatever is seen can be misdiagnosed and then the doctor’s message does not come from the doctor’s human but from the invisible evil force that has inhabited the doctor’s body.

The moment fear seizes the person’s mind as soon as the doctor announces the bad news is the moment when the diagnosis is immediately confirmed. The moment when the diagnosis penetrates the psyche and is accepted by considering it as a possibility, it becomes a “true” thing for the person.

But – if the person has the means to muster the strength, and like a volleyball knocked out by the doctor, hit it back over the net and say no! That is not true. I don’t accept it.

And what has been thrown at them becomes null and void.

Something someone says something negative to you, for example, “You’re stupid,” hit it back like a volleyball and say, “No, I’m intelligent.” If someone says to you, “You are poor,” say no, “I am rich.” If they tell you that you will never amount to anything, tell them, “No, I will become president or even king.”

You must realize and know that if you let someone say something negative to you, you are allowing him or her to insult your inner you, which is your mind and your higher self.

It is a weakness when corrupting thoughts and suggestions enter our minds and we act thereon and fulfill them. We gain strength when we challenge them. Whether these thoughts occur to us, or whether we are confronted with them through the mouths of others.

When a thought occurs to you to do this or that, or say this or that, or do this or that – challenge it. Think of it as an enemy. Don’t simply accept it as original to you and act on the thoughts.

And if you’re Jamaican, curse a bad word with power! A good one bloodlust should avoid them.

I noticed something about Donald Trump, and when I saw this thing about him, I realized that he is not an ordinary being. There is something about him that we, the people of the world, don’t know, but he does know.

He responds to everything negative said about him always with a positive. He constantly speaks positive words about his own life. When they say he’s not smart, He says he is the smartest in the world. When they say he’s not handsome, He says he is the most handsome.

Here’s someone who knows more than we think. If you understand it, you understand it.

I have written about LW De Laurence many times here. He was someone who had a very big impact on the people of the Caribbean and Africa.

In one of his teachings, he told his readers “Don’t allow words to enter your mind“, and he then gave an example of how he mentally detached himself, thinking about the color of the wall or the bird outside the window while facing someone who was giving him the bad news.

There are forces in our reality that are here to prevent man from evolving and completing his earthly missions. They exist as part of nature and that’s their job to do what they do.

They were created for this purpose and are not something that you can ‘fire’ out of your life because man has to fight to reach his destiny.

There was a time when I was going through my spiritual initiation and my enemy was facing many attacks (my non-physical teachers allowed these attacks because I had to learn to fight).

Those times, in my lonely and quiet street, the nights caught me running to my balcony, sailing glass bottles into the street in my battle against invisible forces.

Those were times when I wondered if I needed a straitjacket or a padded room, and I’m sure my neighbors felt the same way. But I used to be Obara-the-evil-mind-slayer.

However, I had just had a baby and had gone to bed to breastfeed my newborn. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, at 3 am, that hour, and my baby wasn’t in my bed. My sister and her daughter were in bed – but where was my baby? I couldn’t find her.

Until I heard cooing from the ground… when I looked down I saw my baby on her tummy laughing. Something invisible was playing with her.

I quickly picked her up and checked that she had no injuries, the bed was high, how did she get to the floor? And then immediately I heard the Spirit speaking to me, saying: Put the baby in the crib. Get her out of bed now.

They warned me that something was coming towards the house and that the force would be too great and could harm her. They instructed me to lie back on the bed and close my eyes, but… did not sleep. I did as I was told.

My bed was facing the door and after a few moments, I felt the force enter my house door and slide into my room…

My mind saw and heard as my door creaked open, and I could hear the thoughts of the evil creatures coming to attack me. They wondered whether the ‘formally known as The angry baby daddy was home…

Telepathically I heard them think nervously: ‘I wonder if Obara Meji is home…

At that point I lay on my back, my eyes closed, harassing them and daring them to enter.

The door to the room opened softly as if you were nervously peeking in to see if there was a threat behind it. If anyone were awake, they would see a closed door and a silent house.

But my spirit saw what happened invisibly. When the door was opened, the force rushed towards me. It was a heat wave when they rushed in to attack.

The warrior in me emerged and I attacked with the words (in patois): “I want to know if YOU are stronger than God.”

And a whole series of incantations spewed from my mouth with a sullenness unrecognizable to my ears. That night it was a fight for my life against this attack.

Before this attack, attacks had come against my enemy left, right, and center. But I was in training, so the doors were open for attacks, and I became the Mohammed Ali of spiritual warfare – knocking them out one by one.

But this then taught me that although this attack took place in the night with unseen forces, During the day the attacks came through people I had to use my strength to stand up to them: the landlord, the baby daddy, the baby daddy’s mother, the taxi driver, the baby daddy’s mistress, ex-friends, the client, people I met on the street, even my mother.

Because of all these battles my enemy went through back to back with incessant attackers, and I had to use my strength and willpower to pull them back both in spirit and in flesh the powers began to fear me.

And so, I now use that inner me in my own life to fight against forces that I encounter every day, especially in Nigeria, where evil forces exist as if the country were hell itself.

The Nigerian police wait in black in the middle of the night for their victims, the daily battle of Nigerian deceit, right down to the Nigerian mosquitoes and superhuman flies that just eat with you without asking questions.

You will never see in America a fly so bold as the flies of Nigeria.

But it is understandable because the country is a spiritually powerful place –

And speaking of power me one day to write a post about my experiences in England. The forces within That country are unlike anything I have encountered before.

Folks, when someone says something negative to you, immediately knock it away. Counter it with the positive. If you hear something bad about your health, neutralize it with an affirmative answer No. Affirm things strongly and forcefully.

The tongue is a beautiful thing: it can heal and destroy. However, if you know that your tongue has the power to destroy, be careful how you use it because you will have to answer for your actions.

The Earth is chaotic, we wake up every day not knowing what we will encounter today. Forces are everywhere and use human bodies as puppeteers every day.

Finally… Minimize social media.

Maybe one day, ten years from now, I can tell you why.

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All forms – whether stars, people, beasts, or the stones under our feet, are tabernacles for spirits (Chi), parts of the same Universal Spirit (Chineke).
Igbo philosophy



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