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Crispy Paratha Quesadilla Recipe

Craving a cheesy quesadilla but have leftover parathas on hand? Don’t fret! This amazing paratha quesadilla recipe combines the best of both worlds – the comforting layers of a paratha with the melty goodness of a quesadilla. It’s a fun fusion dish that’s perfect for a quick and delicious lunch or a tasty after-school snack.

This creative recipe utilizes leftover parathas, transforming them into a delightful and unexpected quesadilla. Let’s explore how to make this delicious East-West fusion dish!

Equipment Needed

  • Non-stick pan or griddle
  • Spatula
  • Chopping board
  • Knife

Ingredients For Crispy Paratha Quesadilla

  • 2 leftover parathas (store-bought or homemade)
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, or a blend)
  • 1/4 cup chopped vegetables (bell peppers, onions, mushrooms – your choice!)
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Dipping sauces of your choice (salsa, guacamole, chutney)


Prepare the Filling (5 minutes):

  1. Heat a pan over medium heat. Add butter and melt it.
  2. Wash your chosen vegetables (bell peppers, onions, mushrooms) and chop them into small pieces.
  3. Add the chopped vegetables to the pan with melted butter and sauté them until softened, about 3-4 minutes. Stir occasionally to ensure even cooking.
  4. Season the vegetables with salt and pepper to taste.
  5. If using cilantro, wash and chop it finely. Add the chopped cilantro to the pan and cook for another minute, allowing its flavor to infuse with the vegetables.

Assemble the Quesadilla (2 minutes):

  1. Place one paratha on a clean and flat surface.
  2. Sprinkle half of the shredded cheese over one half of the paratha. Use your hands to distribute the cheese evenly.
  3. Add the prepared vegetable filling on top of the cheese. Make sure the filling is spread evenly within the half-moon section of the paratha.
  4. Top the filling with the remaining shredded cheese. Again, distribute the cheese evenly to create a cheesy and delicious center.
  5. Carefully fold the empty half of the paratha over the filling to create a semi-circle shape. Press down gently to seal the edges.

Cook the Quesadilla (3-4 minutes per side):

  1. Heat a griddle or non-stick pan over medium heat. Ensure the pan is hot enough for even cooking without burning the paratha.
  2. Carefully transfer the assembled paratha to the preheated pan.
  3. Using a spatula, gently press down on the quesadilla to ensure even contact with the pan. This will help achieve a crispy and golden brown exterior.
  4. Cook the quesadilla for 2-3 minutes, or until the bottom is golden brown and crispy. You can peek underneath the paratha to check for browning.
  5. Flip the quesadilla carefully using the spatula. Be mindful of the cheese filling; ensure it doesn’t spill out.
  6. Cook the other side for another 2-3 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbly. The other side should also be golden brown and crispy.

Serve and Enjoy! (2 minutes)

  1. Cut the quesadilla into wedges using a sharp knife. You can cut it into triangles, wedges, or squares, depending on your preference.
  2. Plate the quesadilla wedges and immediately serve them hot. The cheese will be melted and gooey, so be careful while taking the first bite!
  3. Enjoy your delicious paratha quesadilla with your favorite dipping sauces like salsa, guacamole, or chutney. The contrasting flavors and textures will create a delightful culinary experience.


  • Feel free to experiment with different fillings! Leftover shredded chicken, spiced potatoes, crumbled paneer, or a combination of these are all delicious options. You can even add cooked beans or lentils for a protein-packed twist. Sauteed tofu or tempeh cubes can also be a great vegetarian alternative.
  • For a vegetarian option, use a vegan cheese alternative. There are many delicious dairy-free cheese shreds available in stores that will melt perfectly in your quesadilla.
  • Want a bit of a kick? Add a chopped jalapeno to the vegetable filling for a spicy twist. You can adjust the amount of jalapeno depending on your spice preference.
  • To reheat leftover quesadillas, place them in a pan over medium heat until warmed through and crispy. You can also use a toaster oven to achieve the same result.


  1. Can I use store-bought parathas?
    • Absolutely! Store-bought parathas work perfectly for this recipe. They are readily available in most grocery stores and come in various flavors and types. Choose a plain paratha or one with a filling that complements your chosen ingredients.
  2. What if my parathas are dry?
    • If your parathas are a bit dry, you can brush them lightly with melted butter or ghee before adding the filling. This will help create a crispier exterior and prevent the paratha from becoming brittle.
  3. How can I make this recipe vegan?
    • Use vegan cheese and skip the butter. Opt for olive oil to cook the vegetables. There are also vegan butter alternatives available that you can use for brushing the parathas.


The paratha quesadilla is a fun and creative way to use leftover parathas. It’s a delicious fusion dish that’s sure to please everyone at the table. With its crispy paratha shell, melty cheese, and flavorful fillings, it’s a perfect example of how East truly meets West in the culinary world. So next time you have leftover parathas, don’t hesitate to whip up this easy and satisfying recipe!

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