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New Moon in Capricorn ~ Astrology for January 7-13, 2024

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Sunday, January 7 ~ Scorpio Moon until 4:08 PM ET. Dive into a project or topic that is interesting and passionate. Explore creativity, dreams, the tarot and other oracles as the moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto and it is natural to seek insight. Void Moon 3:22 PM to 4:08 PM. Sagittarius energy swirls in to move us toward more action. Learning and studying or other research may also be necessary today or tonight. The square of the Moon and Saturn and emotional responsibilities are discussed. Observe your attachments and commitments and consider whether anything can be changed. Are you honest with yourself? Wear or integrate Purple.

Monday ~ Sagittarius Moon aligns with Venus and Mercury squares Neptune. Today’s topics and things to think about are relationships, reality versus rose-colored glasses, and again: honesty. Are you or someone else avoiding an important relationship discussion or representing something other than the truth and true feelings? Sagittarius Moon is also in favor of traveling these days. Use a map today. Wear Turquoise.

Tuesday ~ Waning Moon in Sagittarius, moving into Capricorn at 8:33 PM ET. The new moon approaches on Thursday. During this dark moon time, think and reconsider. Review any intentions and see if they are relevant, need to be revised, or don’t really reflect your heart’s desire. Yesterday’s prediction still applies 100%. The Sun’s trine to Uranus activates and promotes the element of surprise, but also outside the usual routines or environments. Go for a change of scenery. Void Moon 7:07 PM to 8:33 PM (look at those numbers!) Mars aligns with Saturn and this seems to be about learning lessons and tapping into wisdom. Anchor in the part of you that knows the sensible route. Emotionally, tonight can be challenging if you are facing a difficult lesson. Perseverance and motivation can also increase. Some will endure something difficult or use endurance. Wear black.

Wednesday ~Capricorn Moon joins the ruling planet Saturn and emphasizes responsibilities, obligations and taking charge. Mars and the Moon are in conjunction, emphasizing productivity, action, and confidence (which could spill over into boldness or pushiness, hopefully not into bullying, but maybe watch out for that). These aspects could also apply to yesterday. Jupiter and the Moon promote prosperity, growth and learning how to do things. Make today a practice and learning time. Wear green.

Thursday ~ Capricorn New Moon at 20 degrees. The Sabian symbol for this degree is a relay. This involves both competition and teamwork. See if it relates to your current circumstances. Try to have a support team and don’t try to win the race alone. Uranus is aligned with Taurus. This is currently the only planet that is retrograde. Delayed and overdue cases can get through. Answers can be surprising or catch us off guard. Changes in leadership can be part of this. Neptune aligns and Pluto meets the Moon today, mirroring earlier days this week in terms of self-discovery, creativity and intuitive insights. It may become clearer now or soon. Void Moon 9:33 PM to 10:01 PM ET. Aquarius Moon follows. Wear white.

Friday ~ Mars and Jupiter align at 5:42 a.m. ET. This feels positive and inspiring. Go for the new job or role. Take action for what you want and especially for prosperity. The Moon squares Jupiter and a sensible approach is needed, even if strong feelings or opinions are involved. Determine what is worth holding onto or better letting go, including ideas. Aquarius Moon always involves friendships and collaborations. Join a team you can join. Today’s color is blue.

Saturday ~ Aquarius Moon squares Uranus for breakthroughs. Sometimes you have to be open to what comes and let go of a preconceived or older way of thinking. This could very well be relevant now, during this New Moon cycle. Nowadays there are more alternative and more different ones. Mercury, recently retrograde, was stationed direct on January 1 and is now moving back into Capricorn. There’s still a week or so of clearing and tidying time. Void Moon 4:59am to 10:29pm ET. Do what you need to do to be organized and don’t forget anything important (including someone!). Today’s color is silver.

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