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Growing your spiritual direction business

Guest blogger Laura Lies van shares her entrepreneurial tips for spiritual direction practices.

Laura began her deep interest in helping spiritual leaders grow their businesses after writing an article for Spiritual Directors International in May 2020.

In August 2022, she offered an SDI webinar on the Making a Living Anthology, which inspired her to create an online course on the topic. She offers these tips on my blog as a testimony to her experience. –Teresa Blythe

I continue to allow myself to stretch in the journey of growing my own Spiritual Direction business. As I now enter my 8th year in private practice, I have become more focused on supporting other spiritual leaders in starting and growing their businesses.

Best Practices that help potential customers find their way to you

Digital marketing.

1. List your company on special Spiritual Director search websites. Work with online directories that already exist for this purpose, such as SDI Spiritual Companions. Buy a Premium listing with more text about you and your practice, photos, and video.

2. Establish an online presence. Ideally, you need a dedicated website, with at least a home or landing page. In this increasingly digital world, an internet presence will add to the credibility of your offering.
Find recommendations for the best website providers in the ever-changing online world. Link to this website at every opportunity.

3. Blogging. Post a blog on your website and update it regularly to improve your search engine optimization. Teresa Blythe’s blog Spiritual Direction 101 (where you are reading this!) was used to create her book Spiritual Direction 101 by blogging section by section.

4. Social media. If necessary, make peace with social media and use it ‘for good’. The more social media sites you post, the more chances people have to find you and your website. Start small and build from there.
Best sites by quantity monthly users worldwide: Facebook Business, YouTube Business, Linked In Business and LinkedIn Spiritual Direction Group, Instagram for Business, Twitter, and TikTok.

5. Video. Reach potential customers with simple video offerings through a YouTube channel for your business, which is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google, according to HubSpot Academy.

6. Googling. Since Google is responsible for more than 90% of all online searches, learn how you can collaborate with Google here. According to HubSpot Academy, they use their blog to often rank #1 in Google searches. Blogging is their main source of traffic.

7. HubSpot Academy. Learn how to help searchers find their way to your website with these great lessons from HubSpot Academy.

The all-important Elevator Pitch

As you prepare how to reach them, you also need to prepare what you can reach them with. Consider a short “Elevator Pitch” to get their attention so they can learn more.

1. What should you include in your pitch? What do you like about Spiritual Direction? How do you practice Spiritual Direction (what would a ‘typical’ session look like?) Emphasize that you are currently open to new clients.
You have to make this very clear, otherwise, people seem to assume the opposite.

2. How do you share your pitch? Share your pitch both in writing and video. Share it on your personal and business profiles on any social media channel. Plan to share at least monthly to keep your offering fresh and on people’s minds.
Again, the email flyer explosion is a good way to achieve this.

3. When are you planning your launch? Plan to “launch” your network outreach during times of year when people are more open, such as early fall (September) and after the holidays (January).
(Note: This timeline is most relevant in the US. Please suit the rhythms of your region.)



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