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Green Smoothie for Diabetics – A Nutrient-Packed Delight

Would you like to try improving your health with a green smoothie for diabetics? This low-carb smoothie is made with vegetables to satisfy your hunger and control your appetite. Eat it for breakfast or replace a meal.

This low-carb, diabetic green smoothie is perfect for any meal, or drink it at snack time and work on regulating your blood sugar without much worry.

About the recipe

After thorough research, I am sharing this green smoothie and I will also share the benefits of this smoothie for diabetes and also why it is a suitable green smoothie for diabetics.

The smoothie has low-carb ingredients, with good fiber and protein.

This smoothie contains avocado, unsweetened almond milk with no added sugar, Greek yogurt, and a low-calorie sweetener.

This green smoothie for diabetics is packed with fiber from the ingredients used, rich in proteins, and has a good amount of calcium which is required for diabetic patients.

The smoothie is mainly low-carb and contains less than 15 g of carbohydrates, making it the perfect smoothie to use during diabetes without having to worry about increased sugar content.

Check out the ingredients below and why each element added to the smoothie will benefit a diabetic patient.

Benefits of the ingredient


One avocado contains about 12 to 13 grams of carbohydrates, and it makes sense to limit the amount to half now and then.

Adding avocados in generous amounts can lead to weight gain as it contains more calories.

The reason to add to this green smoothie is that it contains healthy fats, and is low in carbohydrates, and adding half an avocado to a diabetic smoothie can keep blood sugar levels in check.

Avocado is a rich source of fiber, and this makes it a filling smoothie, as the fiber in it helps keep the belly full without building up hunger.

Avocado fats are healthy fats and help reduce bad cholesterol and weight by burning calories. These fats help and are proven to be beneficial for people with diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, when making a green smoothie with vegetables, add a limited amount of vegetables, such as avocado, or add spinach, as these have a low glycemic value (the speed at which sugar enters the blood) and are suitable for diabetes.

This vegetable contains a lot of calories, but because of its low carbohydrate and sugar content and the good fats and fibers, they are included in the list of a diabetes diet.

To reduce calories, you can limit your intake and reduce the amount to half of the avocado. This way you can quickly and easily make a meal smoothie.

It is often a good idea to consult a diabetes expert because different people are given different meal plans for diabetes depending on their sugar levels, weight, and type of diabetes.

Greek yoghurt

When choosing this dairy, pay extra attention to the Greek yogurt you buy, even if this Greek yogurt falls under the low-glycemic diet.

Greek yogurt has many flavors, so pay attention when purchasing dairy products.

The flavored variants are not suitable for diabetes patients because they contain flavorings and sugars, which is a big no-no with diabetes, while the unflavored variants are suitable.

The diabetes-predisposing yogurt should be low in carbohydrates and should not contain added sugar, and the yogurt should be low-fat, unflavored Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is also made with whole milk but is not ideal for diabetes.

Therefore, buy unflavored, unsweetened, and low-fat Greek yogurt and check the carbohydrate count. The yogurt should not contain sugar.

When purchasing Greek yogurt, check the carb count and make sure it is low in carbs, and always add limited amounts to reduce the calories of the overall smoothie.

By following all the tips above, Greek yogurt is suitable to add to any diabetic smoothie.

Almond milk (unsweetened)

Almond milk is a low GI food, and almonds or almond milk are a good food source for diabetes because they are low in carbohydrates and no sugar if you choose plain and unsweetened almond milk.

They contain healthy fats, fiber, and protein and are a good substitute for skimmed milk.

Its low carbohydrate and calorie content, fewer carbohydrates, and no sugar make it a perfect choice for adding liquids to smoothies.

The other choices are soy milk or skim milk to add moderate amounts to the green diabetes smoothie.

Use in moderation, and almonds or almond milk won’t spike blood sugar levels and help make a filling smoothie.

Spinach leaves

Spinach is a high-fiber food that is low in carbohydrates and slows digestion. These good nutrients are the main reason to include them in your diet because they contain no sugar and are a low-glycemic food in your diabetes diet.

This green leafy vegetable is highly recommended in a diabetes diet that controls sugar levels and controls diabetes without increasing it.

Stevia or sweetener

The sweetener can be stevia extract or monk fruit extract, which has zero calories, but make sure you check and purchase their calories before purchasing.

Flavored sweeteners may contain sugars, and you should only use a sweetener if it contains zero calories, or add a drop of vanilla extract to add a slightly sweet taste without increasing the number of carbohydrates, sugars, or calories.

Skip the sweetener if you wish, or add stevia to help the drink go down.

Overview of the diabetic green smoothie

This green smoothie for diabetics is rich in fiber due to avocados and spinach. It is also low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, high in protein, and healthy fats.

All of the ingredients listed above fall within the range of foods with a low glycemic index (slows the rate at which glucose enters the blood).

The smoothie does not increase sugar levels, regulates blood glucose, and helps you enjoy a low-carb smoothie in your diet without any problems.

Overall, the smoothie is low in calories, and if you add all the ingredients in a moderate amount by controlling the carbohydrate count, it is suitable as a meal replacement or an early morning breakfast smoothie.

Most of the ingredients added here help in slow digestion due to the fiber contained in them.

Slow digestion ensures that glucose does not immediately enter the bloodstream, helps regulate glucose levels, and does not quickly increase sugars in the blood.

Remark: It is always good advice to consult a dietitian or diabetes medical expert for the diabetes meal plan diabetes food menu depending on the type of diabetes.

A doctor is the best person to give you the right guidance as the information provided here is not given by a medical expert and a doctor can give the best advice.


  • The smoothie already contains a good amount of protein due to the low-fat Greek yogurt, but if you would like to add some more protein, add a scoop of protein powder.
  • Protein powder provides more proteins and ensures that you stay full for a long time and do not build up hunger.
  • You can also add more spinach and reduce the amount of avocado or skip the avocado altogether if you prefer not to add avocado to the smoothie.
  • Replace avocado with plums, blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries to get a fruit flavor instead of avocado if you like to make it with different variations.
  • Use only low-fat or low-fat Greek yogurt to benefit from controlled sugar content and reduce fats.
  • Do not make the smoothie with ingredients that are high in carbohydrates and high in fat, and do not use any form of sugar.
  • Natural foods such as dates contain a lot of sugars; Therefore, avoid adding foods that have a high glycemic index.

Can I add chia seeds to this diabetic smoothie?

  • A topping can be added to chia seeds, but you must be careful as it is an excellent food for diabetics with a low GI of 4.
  • Still, many ingredients in the smoothie can increase the carb count and calories, and changing or replacing the ingredients can help maintain the low carb count.
  • Chia seeds are high in carbohydrates but low in GI, so be careful when consuming them as a tablespoon of chia contains good carbohydrates.
  • Additional ingredients are harmful in diabetes because carbohydrates can increase and negatively affect sugar levels, even though it is a fiber food.

Remark: Fiber (in chia seeds) are good carb, but this smoothie aims to keep it low carb and therefore add or replace the amount.

  • The main purpose of the recipe is to make it low-carb, and if you prefer to add chia seeds, add a tablespoon of chia seeds to the recipe ingredients.
  • Chia seeds are a rich source of fiber but skip avocado to keep carbs minimal.

Are green smoothies suitable for diabetics?

Green smoothies are only good if they meet certain conditions, for example, if they are made with low-carb ingredients.

Another critical factor is that the smoothie should not contain added sugars or sugary foods with a high glycemic index.

Consume limited amounts of vegetables, such as cucumber, avocado, spinach, or celery.

Never make the drink a high-carb or high-fat drink, which can increase sugar levels and negatively affect the person suffering.

Following proper measures and making a green smoothie for diabetics that is low in carbohydrates is helpful for diabetes.

I hope this recipe is useful, and if anyone has any questions about the smoothie, please leave your comments, and we will reply with better solutions as soon as possible.



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